KAM Aero About Us – Company Bio’s

The KAM Aero team of Cam McCausey (left) & Kurt Koelling (right) proudly pose with Prototype #1 after the maiden flight in June 2016

Cam McCausey

Cam started flying radio control airplanes in the late 1980’s.  He found his main areas of interests were in aerobatics and model building.  In 2003 he started competing in IMAC aerobatic competition.  A year later in 2004 Cam won the 2004 IMAC National Championship in the Sportsman class.  He then jumped past Intermediate class directly into the Advanced class for the 2005 IMAC season, where he placed 3rd in the 2005 IMAC National Championship in the Advanced class.  Since then Cam has earned over 15 IMAC Unlimited first place finishes in the limited time he has available for practice & competing (since he’s always busy building giant scale aerobatic airplanes for customers in his shop, and now manufacturing the new kit!). 

Cam is a well known Master Builder having built over 150 Carden competition aerobatic airplanes, including many IMAC National Championship, Canadian National Championship, and World Championship winning aerobatic aircraft.  He is well known for building lightweight, strong & durable airplanes that fly straight with very minimal trimming.  Cam’s aircraft building business is known as “Cam McCausey Competition Built Aircraft” – you may have seen his logo decals on winning competition giant aerobatic aircraft.

Cam is an FAA licensed full scale pilot, he is an avid motorsports fan and attends several regional and national level professional races annually in several different forms of motorsports.  Cam is an avid hunter, and also enjoys fishing and motorcycling.  Cam is a journeyman glazier but left that vocation many years ago to build giant scale aerobatic airplanes full time.  Cam has a wife Amy, a daughter Olivia, and a step daughter Alexa.  His daughter Olivia owns a pair of goats and a horse.

Cam’s aircraft building business is known as “Cam McCausey Competition Built Aircraft” – you may have seen his logo decals on winning competition giant aerobatic aircraft. 

Kurt Koelling

Kurt started flying radio control airplanes in 1999.  One year after he learned to fly he started competing in aerobatic and freestyle competitions.  His scale aerobatic achievements include an Unlimited and Team IMAC World Championship, nine scale aerobatic National Championships, and over 150 first place finishes in IMAC competitions.  Kurt is a professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at The Ohio State University where he conducts research and teaches graduate level courses in fluid mechanics, computational fluid dynamics and polymer composites.  He uses his knowledge in these fields, as well as his past 17 years of aerobatic competition experience to optimize the design of scale aerobatic airplanes.  He is the designer of the 125.5″ KAM Aero Extra 300KK and the 124″ Carden Aircraft Extra 300 Pro.  Kurt has also competed and tweaked the designs of a wide variety of model airplanes including the Cap 232, Extra 330, Edge 540, Extra 260, and several versions of the Extra 300.  Kurt serves as a member of the AMA Scale Aerobatics Contest Board, IMAC International Sequence Committee, and as an IMAC judging instructor.  At the field he loves to help others setup planes and teach them how to fly aerobatics.


Kurt’s flying accomplishments include:

IMAC Unlimited World Champion & U.S. Team (Captain) World Championship (2014)

Seven time U.S. Scale Aerobatics Unlimited National Champion (2007, 2010-2015)

Seven time U.S. National Championships IMAC Bennett Cup Champion (2007, 2010-15)

Canadian Scale Aerobatics Unlimited National Champion (2007)

U.S. Scale Aerobatics Sportsman National Champion (2001)

15 time IMAC Scale Aerobatics National Championship finalist (2001-2015)

7 time Tucson Shootout Invitational class finalist (2005, 07, 08, 09, 11, 12, 15)

3 time Clover Creek Invitational finalist (2008, 10, 12)

3 time Don Lowe Masters World Aerobatics Championship competitor

XFC Extreme Flight Championships competitor

First place in over 150 IMAC competitions

Randy Jensen

Randy built all of the precision plugs that we use for laying-up each of the fiberglass parts, as well as the precision plug for vacuum forming the canopy.  He also handled all of the paint work on both of the KAM Aero Extra 300KK prototype aircraft, both of Kurt Koelling’s production 300KK aircraft, and on Cam’s personal 300KK.

Randy does all of Cam’s paint work and has painted for Cam for the last 15 years, painting all of the Carden aircraft that Cam has built (over 160 of them!).  For those of you having Cam do a full build on your KAM Aero 300KK, you will be getting Randy’s paint.

Randy is truly a magician at applying a paint scheme that accomplishes many thing simultaneously: 1. his paint schemes are exceedingly light (the giants painted by the other painters gain several unnecessary pounds of paint & primer weight – robbing the aircraft of performance), 2. he is able to get full color pigmentation even with his signature very light weight paint schemes, 3. Randy’s color matching of painted parts to the covering is second to none (how many times have you seen an otherwise nice aircraft’s great looks diminished by a poor color match of the painted parts to the covering where they converge?) & 4. most importantly his paint schemes are the most robust & durable out there (including all of those bloated over-weight schemes) with no peeling, chipping, or color fading.  Kurt Koelling’s last Carden Pro had well over 2,000 hard unlimited flights on it, plus constant hauling and handling in and out of Kurt’s van, and Randy’s paint was still in museum condition when Kurt retired it to switch over to the KAM Aero 300KK.  In fact his Carden Pro is currently hanging in the AMA museum if you would like to check the original paint scheme’s condition out for yourself.

Randy’s full time job is working for one of the premier collector car restoration shops in the United States.  Randy does museum grade paint work for this shop, with many of Randy’s paint job’s alone costing more than a new full size luxury SUV does!  (These museum grade restorations typically cost several hundred thousand dollars from this shop).