This page will be to provide you with expert guidance & helpful tips during your build of the KAM Aero Extra 300KK 43% giant R/C aerobatic aircraft kit.
Below you will find individual PDF files listed.  Each file listed will cover a particular component build (i.e. Motor Box, Fuselage, Hatch, & etc.). 
We are using this PDF file approach since it offers you the most flexibility for your usage needs.  You can open the file right here, or save the file to your own computer(s) or tablet(s) to use whenever you want, you can print the file out right here, or print the file out from your own devices as you need them.  This approach will also enable you to pick and choose which of the files may be of interest to you as you go along on your build.
These files are being put together by our good friend Ty Lyman.  Ty is a very accomplished builder and is an active IMAC competitor flying in the Unlimited category.  Ty also flew as an Invitational Pilot in the 2017 Tuscon Aerobatic Shootout with our own Kurt Koelling.  Ty is also heavily involved in the administrative side of IMAC:  IMAC Chief Judging Instructor, Chair of the Education Committee, Co-Chair of the Sequence Committee, and he author’s the excellent Redbook Review monthly series at IMAC’s website (simply click on “Education” in the top menu to see them).  He has been involved with IMAC since 1999.  Ty has an easy to understand writing style with clear instructions and annotations, coupled with excellent photography skills to illustrate his build steps. 
Ty received the very first KAM Aero Extra 300KK kit delivered by UPS in the middle of November 2017, and he immediately started building the kit that same day.  So he is already well along on the build and we will be adding additional PDF files on each of the component builds as he completes the write ups.
NOTE:  While we wanted to provide you with the best build manual possible, we wanted to make it “live” so that your kit isn’t delivered with a pre-printed but already outdated build guide (or worse – no guide at all).  To that end we will occasionally update the build files below with additional info, pictures, or builder tips that we feel may be helpful to your assembly process.  To check that you are always using the most up to date version of each build file, note the file ending: a “ver1” ending will always indicate an original file with no changes or additions, and a “rev#” ending will indicate an updated file (i.e. rev1 is the first revision, rev4 is the fourth revision and so on).  Using the most up to date build files will provide you with the most curent and accurate building information & tips.  KAM Aero – the HIGH TECH aerobatic aircraft!


NOTE:  Build Manual modules last updated on 12-13-18:  Both Sheeting modules


  KAM Aero Extra 300KK – Motor Box build – rev5

  KAM Aero Extra 300KK – Fuse Sides build – ver1

  KAM Aero Extra 300KK – Fuse Sides to Motor Box build – ver1

  KAM Aero Extra 300KK – Sheeting build – rev2

  KAM Aero Extra 300KK – Stabs + Wings Sheeting build – rev3

  KAM Aero Extra 300KK – Aircraft Assembly build – ver1

  KAM Aero Extra 300KK – Hatch build – ver1

  KAM Aero Extra 300KK – Cowl build – ver1