This is the gallery where we will feature our customer’s KAM Aero Extra 300KK aircraft photos.  So whether you built it yourself, had a pro builder build it for you, or had a group of Titebond sniffing gnomes construct it, this is the place you want to post that shiny new KAM Aero aircraft!

Send your photos to: and we’ll put them up here.  Please include your name and any other info you would like included with your photos.  



Jerry Unruh of California sent this photo to us. This handsome aircraft was built for Jerry by RTR Builders in Michigan.


Cam Shahrdar of Louisiana – Owner & builder of this great looking flying machine.


Here’s proud owner Dave Hargrove – Owner & builder. Great trim scheme Dave!


Here’s our Aussie friend Steve Maitland who is busy building three of our Extra 300KK kits way down under in Australia. Lookin’ good Steve!


Here is a Extra 300KK owned by Paul McMillen. This kit was built by Cam McCausey & covered by Trevor Brum. That’s a really great looking trim scheme Paul!


And while he’s not really a customer, our fearless leader Cam McCausey wanted his own Extra 300KK to also be posted here on the customer photos page. Needless to say, it was built, covered, & is flown in IMAC Unlimited by Cam. You’re in great company here Cam!


Here’s a smiling Jacob Campbell after flying Dave Hargrove’s great looking Extra 300KK


This is a nice shot of John Grabow’s new Extra 300KK in flight. Great looking color scheme John!


Here are some pix of Jonathan Sabini’s new KAM Aero 300KK he flew at the 2018 World Contest, where Jonathan competed in Intermediate class finishing in 3rd place at 12 years old! This beautiful 300KK features the colorful paint scheme of the Italian aerobatic display team: the Frecce Tricolori. Young Jonathan is one of IMAC’s crop of young up & comers. This great looking Extra 300KK was built for Jonathan by RTR Builders in Michigan. 


Here is Ray Morton and his great looking KAM Aero Extra 300KK. Ray was one of the first builders to complete our kit, and it was displayed in our booth at the Toledo Expo 2018. This photo was taken at the 2018 IMAC Nationals where Ray competed in the Unlimited class. Besides competing as an Unlimited pilot, Ray is also the Regional Director for the North Central Region of IMAC. Ray was victorious as the U.S. Team Manager for the 2018 IMAC World Championship where his U.S.A. team flew to First Place honors. That is a truly unique paint scheme Ray!


This proud KAM Aero Extra 300KK owner is Ty Lyman.  Ty was also one of the first builders to complete our kit.  If his name sounds familiar to you, it may be because Ty is a very active & tireless volunteer in many aspects of operating IMAC, he flies as an Unlimited class pilot (this photo was taken while Ty was competing in the 2018 IMAC Nationals), plus Ty is the author/illustrator/photographer of the excellent KAM Aero Extra 300KK Build Manual that we have available right here on the KAM Aero website.  That’s a really sweet looking color scheme Ty!


These are pictures sent to us by proud owner Russ Welton showing us his newly built KAM Aero Extra 300KK named “Sampson” which seems appropriate for this handsome looking 300KK knowing that Sampson was both a legendary warrior and a hero. Go get’em Russ!


These are additional photos that our friend, IMAC pilot, & multiple KAM Aero Extra 300KK builder John Grabow sent us of one of the 300KK’s that John has built so far. This is really a great looking color scheme John!


Here is our friend Dave Hargrove’s second KAM Aero Extra 300KK that he has built so far. Dave has taken a great looking paint scheme from his first 300KK and made a few changes which looks awesome. The green really makes this beautiful akro machine stand out. Dave is using a DA200L with the square lightened cylinders, KS-95 cans, & is swinging a Falcon 31 x 13 CF prop. Great build as usual Dave!


Here we have Jan Dethrage’s awesome looking KAM Aero Extra 300KK aircraft. Powered by a DA200L engine. I’ve always really liked yellow airplanes and this paint scheme definitely jumps out at the eyeballs Jan!