The beautiful lines of the 43% KAM Aero Extra 300KK competition aerobatic aircraft



Wingspan:  125.5″


Length:  120.5″


Wing Area:  2786 sq. in.


Weight:  39.5± lbs. with DA-200 & KS 95 exhaust
              37.5± lbs. with DA-150/170 & tuned pipes or cans


Scale:  42.8%





* CNC cut lightweight foam wings, stabs, vertical fin, turtle deck, & belly pan
* CNC router cut tab-lock Mil-spec aircraft grade plywood motor box builds to accommodate either DA-200 or DA-150/170 engines
* Carbon fiber wing and stab tubes featuring our specific lay-up design
* Durable built-up fuselage structure for maximum strength
* High grade epoxy fiberglass cowl, wheel pants, & landing gear cuffs   
* Aluminum landing gear is 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum
* Canopy is professionally vacuum formed for optical clarity
* CAD generated building plans are clear, digitally precise, & detailed
* Lightweight carbon fiber landing gear featuring our specific lay-up design (available as an upgrade option)



KAM Aero Extra 300KK Kit Pricing –

The introductory kit pricing is $1,875.00 equipped with aluminum landing gear*

* Carbon Fiber landing gear is available as an upgrade option at time of order for an additional $95.00 in place of the standard aluminum landing gear.


NOTE:  A few details about our CAD generated building plans we send with the kits.  As already noted they are clear, digitally precise, and also more detailed.  We provide full size plans, but unlike some other kit makers, ours allow accurate building directly on top of the plans.  We accomplish this by providing you with 2 different sets of building plans for the fuselage construction.  Build the fuse sides accurately on one set, then switch over to the second set for top view with more details and proper dimensioning that prevents you from having the wrong length when pressing the rear fuse sides together at the tail end.  No more coming up short!  Another small detail that we’ve thought about, but one that makes building the fuse quicker, easier and to the correct dimensions.


Update on 03-22-18:  We have shipped several kits out over the last several weeks.  We have also shipped three kits out on the very long flight down to Australia to a competition pilot there.  The three kits all arrived in perfect condition and he is already busy building them.  Soon KAM Aero will have our kit aircraft flying in the Southern Hemisphere!

We have kits ready to ship out if you’re ready to go KAM Aero!  The kits have been selling quickly (and far away!) so call Cam right now to get your own KAM Aero Extra 300KK headed to your shop.  Or call Cam now to discuss having one custom built.  You can get any level of completion: something basic, to “in the bones” ready to cover & paint, or as a complete “turn-key” aircraft ready to fly.  Have your own KAM Aero Extra 300KK built exactly the way you want it!  Note that we are still holding our pricing steady at our introductory kit pricing. 




We have gone to great lengths to source the absolute highest quality building materials available for all of our kit materials.  Our materials costs us more, but they increase the overall quality, strength and durability of the completed KAM AERO Extra 300KK airframe.  Those are important features we’re sure you’ll appreciate!




PLYWOOD – We specially source our aircraft plywood:  All kits are produced using only select Military Spec (MIL-P-6070B) certified aircraft plywood.  MIL-P-6070B is laminated in a hot press with waterproof glue.  This MIL-Spec requires that the plywood be produced with high quality laminates (no knots in any layer) and tested for deviations of thickness, moisture content, tensile strength, gluing strength, bending rigidity, torsion test, immersion test and boiling test.  The quality requirements for plywood used in our kits are significantly more exacting than either standard ply or light ply used in many competing kits.


BALSA – We specially source our balsa:  Our balsa is first painstakingly hand picked for the best possible qualities.  Each sheet and stick of balsa is then individually weighed and checked for grain type and quality.  Our balsa is then carefully matched by those qualities.  All balsa that does not meet our industry leading quality requirements is rejected.  You will not find better balsa in any kit on the market.  All balsa sheeting is premium grade edge-trued sheeting which reduces your building time.  


FOAM – We specially source our foam:  All foam used in our kits meets strict density, compressibility, and uniformity specifications to produce the lightest and sturdiest aircraft foam on the market.  Many kit manufacturers use standard 1 pound per cubic foot foam.  The foam density used in our kits is strictly controlled to our exacting specifications and is significantly lighter than the standard grade of foam used in other manufacturers kits.   


FIBERGLASS – The fiberglass Cowl, Wheel Pants, & Cuffs:  The cowl, wheel pants, and landing gear cuffs are produced to our exacting specifications by a company with over 30 years of experience producing fiberglass composite parts for engineering applications.  The quality of the fiberglass lay-up is outstanding with a beautiful exterior surface that requires minimal preparation for painting.  The cowl plugs used to produce the cowl molds were manufactured on a 5-axis CNC machine for accuracy.


LANDING GEAR – A standard high strength aluminum landing gear of 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum or, available as an upgrade we also offer a lightweight carbon fiber composite gear (using our specific lay-up specs consisting of both unidirectional and woven layers) is available for purchase with the kit.


CARBON FIBER – Wing & Stab Tubes:  Both the carbon fiber wing and stab tubes are produced using our specific lay-up design consisting of unidirectional carbon fiber (at 0, +45, -45, and 90 degree weave directions) to optimize rigidity and strength.  


CANOPY – The canopy plug was manufactured on a 5-axis CNC machine for perfect accuracy and symmetry.  The canopies are being formed on a professional grade vacuum forming machine used for producing optically clear parts.  This build process adds up to exceptional quality canopies.     



We have also gone to great lengths to maintain the absolute tightest possible tolerances across all of the kit’s materials through the use of high quality materials, computer controlled CNC manufacturing machinery, and digitally generated precise CAD plans.  We are truly the HIGH TECH aircraft kits! 





CNC ROUTER – The motor box is produced from 4×8 foot sheets of select Military Spec aircraft plywood.  All plywood parts are produced on a state of the art 2017 model $100,000 CNC router table machine at Science Kinetics, Inc., owned by our good friend and giant scale aerobatic enthusiast, Jeff Shapiro.  Jeff has been building and flying 40% and larger aerobatic aircraft since the 1990’s and brings a wealth of experience in manufacturing with CNC routers.  This CNC machine allows us to control all part tolerances within 0.002 inch!  The entire MIL-Spec aircraft ply motor box is designed with tab-lock construction for rapid building.


CNC 4-axis HOTWIRE FOAM CUTTER – All foam parts are CNC hotwire manufactured with a very high level of accuracy.  When the CNC hotwire cutters currently available on the commercial market failed to measure up to Cam’s specific requirements for precision cutting of the foam parts for this kit, he sourced a unique purpose-built 4-axis custom hotwire foam cutting CNC machine.  This specialized CNC machine also allows us to design more sophisticated airfoil designs with unique root and tip profiles for better high and low speed snap and stall performance.