Welcome to KAM AERO – Introducing the new HIGH TECH competition aerobatic aircraft!

This is our new Giant Scale R/C Competition Aerobatic Aircraft – the KAM Aero Extra 300KK –


We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new giant scale R/C competition aerobatic aircraft kit being produced by a totally new aircraft kit manufacturer.   Our promise to you is providing the highest quality possible combined with obsessive engineering and computer controlled digital manufacturing processes!


Our new company is called KAM AERO.  Cam McCausey is the owner and Kurt Koelling is the designer.  KAM is a double play on both of their last last  names, “Koelling And McCausey”, and their first names, “Kurt and CAM“.  Our goal is to produce the finest quality kit aircraft available on the market with the best possible flying characteristics. 


The new aircraft, the KAM Aero Extra 300KK, will have a 125.5″ wingspan and 120.5″ fuselage length with more fuselage side area that provides excellent lift on knife edge for beautiful rolling characteristics.  And our exclusive wing root and wing tip airfoil profiles offer both better high and low speed snap and stall performance.


Browse the following pages for more information on this great new giant scale R/C competition aerobatic aircraft including info about the founder’s, the aircraft design rationale, the aircraft specifications and build quality, as well as pictures of the aircraft.  You will see why our kit is a proud product of our exacting standards for High Quality and Precision Tolerances.  You will see exactly what makes our kit the HIGH TECH aircraft in the precision aerobatics arena.


We also have purchase info for the awesome new Team KAM AERO T-shirts we have available.  These great T-shirts are shown under the SWAG! menu tab.  And there is complete contact info to link you directly to the KAM AERO owner, Cam McCausey.  Cam will be happy to answer all of your questions concerning our great new aerobatic aircraft. 

TOLEDO R/C EXPO SHOW:  Everyone at KAM Aero would like to thank all of you who stopped by to look at the KAM Aero 43% Extra 300KK aircraft we had on display.  We really enjoyed talking with everyone!  We will have pictures from the 2018 Toledo R/C Expo show added to our gallery shortly.  Take a look if you were unable to make it (or if you just enjoy looking at cool giant scale akro aircraft) as we had three newly completed Extra 300KK aircraft on display.

Speaking of photo galleries, we now have several KAM Aero Extra 300KK aircraft that have been completed, as well as many more in various stages of construction.  Shortly we will have a new addition to the website for those of you who would like to post some photos of your builds.  Details to follow….  


NEWS FLASH!  KAM Aero has invaded the Southern Hemisphere!  We have shipped several kits out in the last several weeks including sending three on a very long flight to a competition pilot way down in Australia.  We have several more headed outbound in the next several weeks.  We would be happy to add YOU to our shipping list!  

For current info on kit availability, please look under the pricing section of the Specs & Quality page for our most recent kit availability info.  That is where our current updates will be located now.  

Also be sure to check out our growing Build Manual page – it is accessible through the menus at the top and bottom of each page.  It features PDF files for each component build (i.e. Motor Box, Fuselage, Hatch, & etc.).  It is clearly explained and nicely illustrated with helpful annotations that will answer many questions you may have about the kit build or structural details.

There is also a great build thread of twin KAM Aero Extra 300KK kits being assembled simultaneously by our friends Tom & Ron over at FlyingGiants.  Go over and check it out!


Keep watching right here as our KAM AERO website expands and grows!

We understand these aircraft are a sizable financial expenditure for you, and that you are probably tired of getting little to no info on the design decisions, company background, or manufacturing capabilities (besides the usual 3 or 4 airframe specs) from aerobatic kit manufacturers during your pre-purchase research.  So we have gone a different direction for you.  We want you to have ready access to all possible info and specs, including building info & tips, and also have easy and direct access to the owner himself.  Manufacturing these aircraft is not a sideline or a part time job for us.

And we will be adding more information, more pictures, great builders tips, and a video interview with Kurt Koelling discussing the background of the new aircraft as well as it’s flight characteristics.  We will even be adding a blog to keep you updated on all things KAM AERO, as well as on competition aerobatic flying.  And of course there will be links to our social media sites added here soon.  So check back often!